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Music Video

宮内優里MV川嶋鉄工所 宮内優里MV川嶋鉄工所 「neuh_」

director : 川嶋鉄工所
music : 宮内優里

nonturn MV川嶋鉄工所 nonturn MV川嶋鉄工所 「Identify」

director : 川嶋鉄工所
music : nonturn

satori satori 「よろこびのおんがく」

director : 川嶋鉄工所
music : SATORI

SOARINGMV川嶋鉄工所 SOARINGMV川嶋鉄工所 「Night Parade」

director : 川嶋鉄工所
music : SOARING

宮内優里MV川嶋鉄工所 宮内優里MV川嶋鉄工所 「digo_」

director : 川嶋鉄工所
music : 宮内優里

KUMANO films

備崎 備崎 「熊野 KUMANO (slideshow)」

movie : 川嶋鉄工所


川嶋鉄工所|kawashimatekkojo    http://www.kawashimatekkojo.com/


I was born in Japan Fukui Prefecture in 1982.
After working for seven years in the advertising production company in Tokyo, lives in Wakayama Prefecture Tanabe city Hongu town from 2013.
Currently, work proposes harmony with nature the era of the future, the way of life, distribution, and work at the "Cafe Bonheur".
Through everyday life, such as fields or inn and cafe, and studying to learn a new consciousness in the body and mind in the real-life experience.
I want to make move the hearts of many people, at happy love make a movie.
The Kawashimatekkojo is wearing from the company name of the ironworks of the family business.

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Cafe Bonheur カフェ・ボヌール

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