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Classical & mythical

Silver winter land

Silver winter land

This song is a remastered song from the early primitive sound.

Sometimes music for me is a tool to interact with myths, the universe, organic beings and the composition of the elements.

Fifth Element   ⚫︎Akasa

Now on Release!   amazon music, apple music,Sptify etc.

This song is a song that expresses the five elements of the universe. In Sanskrit, the elements of earth, fire, water, wind and sky. This song is inspired by the sky (akasa).

Spring garden


winter concert

my second album

This album is one of my favorite albums that I have made myself.


Japan has many gods.

Since I was little, I grew up in a place with a history of ancient gods.

Gods existed in our daily habits.

I am very grateful for the environment where I can feel that in my daily life.

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