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Guest house & Rental atelier Gesshinan

It is Zen style space. 



This is a contactless guesthouse, so you can relax as if you were at home. There are no staff on-site, so you have to check in and out by yourself.

Pilgrimage to sacred places
Kumano moude "
Kumano pilgrimage of ancient times held consecration ceremony
before departure.Before departing to " Kumano pilgrimage",
people attended a place called" Sho-jin-ya"for about seven days and
learned about vegetable meal, and taboo words, such as not beautiful words,
nasty words, gossip, pretentious words and lies.
These words were not allowed to speak during pilgrimage to sacred places.
After cleaning up and preparing their mind and body, they departed for

Kumano pilgrimage".
It was supposed to be ceremonious at the time, to prepare for Kumano-moude
making one's mind and soul as purified as possible by stop eating meat and fish,
or learning the manner of not speak words that are not beautiful.
When I first heard this wonderful story about courtesies during pilgrimage,
I was deeply impressed.
I felt like I touched the deep meaning of Kumano-moude again.
Aside from the purpose of Kumano-moude to worship in front of Kumano
god, I think there were background elements during the walk to straighten
ourmind and body and en noble ourself by learning and brushing up our
attitude and mind through daily habit.
Ancient Japanese people understood the principles of prayers and the
pilgrimage places very deeply, Its ancient sacred custom were not only
wonderful but also good for principle, providence, truth and all the concept.
Our cafe and guest house serve Zen style  for revitalization of body
and vegetable plates for revitalization of soul, so that modern-day people
may experience some of ancient Kumano-KODO during visit.

As Guesthouse also as Atelier  

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