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Japanese ​song

Dancing times

Song ; Maru Shibui

Songwriting ,Arrangement ; Ritsuko Toeda

I have always been interested in dancing. For me, it was great to meet Tatsumi Hijikata, Lindsay Kemp,

and wonderful folk dances such as Irish and Georgian dances.

In most cases, my music is born out of my simple daily life.
The stars, the universe, and the existence of God are also important everyday things for me.


I hope LGBTQ people marriages to be respected.

This song was inspired by the Olympics and was created. It was created as a cheering song for those who continue to challenge their limits and those who continue to evolve.

I love Jean Ritchie, folk songs from different countries, folk songs from old lands in Japan. I listen to it most often in my daily life. Because those music are wholesome, cheerful, and very wonderful.

JK project

The world view of the lyrics of this song is based on the ephemeral and nostalgic atmosphere of adolescent high school girls.


16 cats


My life is very simple,

I feel that now is the richest time in my life.

I have no TV and live with the bare minimum.

A lot of wisdom and ideas are born.

Folk songs sound cheerful in such a house.

I made mini country songs.


composer   Ritsuko Toeda
illustrator    Yoshiakio 

Music & Picture 

《Speed contact》

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