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For movie music

Wonderful African

Each country on earth has its own beautiful and wonderful characteristics.

I compose songs with the utmost respect and gratitude to each country.


All peace, harmony, and the blessings of nature on our planet are created by these connections with all things on the planet.


Therefore, I always compose my compositions with the same respect, gratitude, and reverence for plants, insects, animals, elements, and all things.


American dream

Ever since I was little, I have learned a lot from many great movies. I watch my favorite movies over and over again.

It is “ALIEN(1979)“,“Scent of Woman(1992)", "As Good As It Gets(1997)", 

"Forrest Gump(1994)",“The Shawshank  Redemption(1994)“,”Gladiato“(2000)”, etc.

They are always beautiful and new for me.

In this song, elements such as the absurdity, suffering, frustration, and poverty of life, which are the shadows of things that are said to be the existence of light such as dreams, hopes, and successes in civilized society, are expressed. 

Thanks to being able to learn important things by encountering a wonderful movie,

Even in the most distressed and poor times,

I was able to live with hope, joy, and a heart of gratitude.

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