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Ritsuko Toeda



Ritsuko Toeda was born in Japan ,1977

From 2007 to 2019, I ran a vegan cafe, an auberge-style guesthouse, and a Japanese traditional inn while farming in World heritage, Kumano Kodo.

In 2018, music started to flow in my head and I started composing.I live with a family of many beautiful cats.

Music for me is a dialogue with various generations and myths,

It is also a prayer, a hope, a challenge to evolution, and a sublimation of the soul.

Each country on earth has its own beautiful and wonderful characteristics.

I compose songs with the utmost respect and gratitude to each country.


All peace, harmony, and the blessings of nature on our planet are created by these connections with all things on the planet.


Therefore, I always compose my compositions with the same respect, gratitude, and reverence for plants, insects, animals, elements, and all things.

​Music & Picture

composer ;  Ritsuko Toeda
illustrator  ;  Yoshiakio 

​ Yoshiakio

One day when I was living normally with my family, a lot of strange things began to happen. Then, suddenly, like a firework, I started to draw and continue to this day.

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