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KWANのオリジナル楽曲「spring garden」を配信で販売中

Golden birds of the North.

music by KWAN

( amazon music )

" Humming music. "

This music contains an approach with experimental element.
These pieces have only voice melody, and by adding the sound of instruments (guitar,piano,violin etc ) you play, you can enjoy this music in collaboration based on the composition of this piece.


words and music by KWAN


- the night story -

- A story of three thousand and one nights -


想い 想われ 空を飛ぶ、


空に浮いている お星さま
新しい春を つかまえて…

命のかぎりに囁 (ささや) くのは、


[ ​英訳 ]

To think
And to be thought
Make one fly in the sky

Even the canary who forgot the song…

Stars, floating in the sky
Catch the new spring…

They whisper to their last breaths,

A night story of a blue coast.

三千一夜の 涙をながし…

今日きた道に 蒔きましょう

空に 星が舞うように…
月に 愛を馳せるように…

君が見つけた 哀しみも

​想いでは 冷めずに 出ずる ( 溢れ出る )


[ ​英訳 ]

The enjoy I meet you
Turns into tears of three thousand and one nights…

Let's fill them in a spoon,
And sow them on the road we walked today

As if stars dance in the sky…
As if love focuses on the moon…

Even the sorrow you've found
Let it go for today, and sleep well

Bloom in a dream, high above the sky
Memories never get cold, they overflow

Rather than a petal blooming forever,
I will follow you

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